Coaching sessions
For those who strive for ambitious goals and want to have a clear plan for their achievement

What is your current condition?
The energy is constantly disappearing
You feel a low level of energy, although, in general, it seems that «everything is ok»
Uncertainty in further steps
You don't know what your «big dreams» are. You feel like lacking ambitious goals that are actually yours
Feeling overwhelmed
There are too many tasks that are difficult to organize and they are growing like a snowball, everything seems important
You procrastinate. A lot
You spend a lot of time on ... something, but can't find the energy and time for things that really matter
Low self-esteem
You feel like things you do are just not enough

There is a lack of a «drive»
You feel like life is passing by. Seems like nothing drives you, but you want to find your sparkle.
Imagine that things could be different:
You manage your own time more effectively and choose the vector of next steps, what and how you want to do in your life
You have a clear action plan in those areas of your life that you have prioritized
You now know tools for introspection, how to work with internal tension, self-doubt
Your mindset has changed and now you understand more how the brain works when it comes to goals setting
You know your talents and can use them in achievement of your goals
Your level of energy has levelled up because you know «where the leak was» and how to fix it
Two months coaching and support program for those who want to make a breakthrough in professional and personal life
If we haven't met yet ... My name is Maria Nasedkina. I am Ukrainian.
I am a certified neuro coach
I am an experienced executive coach and trainer, passionate about unleashing the potential of leaders and teams and experienced in translating business visions into strategies and turning them into executable goals. I successfully enabled companies to improve their strategies, operational plans, internal policies and HR procedures. I have 8+ team management experience, lead my own NGO, worked with 100+ companies and organisations in Ukraine and helped over 100 leaders in Ukraine with their personal strategies and goal-setting plans…

That was the story of my life before February 24th 2022.

I woke at 5 am that day from a call of my brother from USA: «Mariia, the war has started, wake up». I could not understand his message, because despite of discussions of Russian aggression, I was sure - full scale war is not possible in Europe in 21 century. I was very wrong.

Our life has changed forever. We all do what we can now - donate, coordinate, volunteer, support physiologically, financially, provide shelter to each other. As I lost my consultancy and coaching business in Ukraine, I am now opening up coaching sessions for international community.

I received my education in Switzerland, Germany and The United Kingdom. I am a trained coach from the Institute of Neuroleadership (USA-UK), studied processwork at the Deep Democracy Institute. Spent over 1 000 hours working with coaches, psychologists, physical and energy therapists on my own issues. My education costs approximately 50,000+ USD and I continue to invest in my development. Currently am on a path to ICF certification.

Feedback from my Clients
* Most Clients ask to remain anonymous, so their names have been changed
You will be able to make a breakthrough with me in 2 months. Here is what the course of coaching sessions looks like:
8 online sessions (1 per week), each session lasts 1 - 1.5 hours and includes elements of coaching, meditation and work with a mindset:
We form your request
In the first session, we form a key request of the Client. Where do you want to be, what areas to change, in which direction to move in coaching. We begin to form your goals for the duration of a course
We improve your state
We determine in what emotional state and with what level of energy you live now. We transform what prevents you from moving forward towards the goals - fear of uncertainty, apathy, disappointment, feeling of unpreparedness for change
We alter your thinking
We find and work with beliefs that prevent you from achieving your goals and move forward. We expand the horizons of thinking and change the usual thinking algorithms to the new ones, that are helpful
We create the strategy
In parallel with the 2nd and 3rd stages we form the strategy and tactics of further actions. Step by step we implement the stages of the strategy, adjusting the further plan to achieve the goals
I carefully select those I work with.
After submitting a request through the website, here is what you can expect:
Free diagnostics session
20-minute online meeting, where we will talk about your request and expectations from the sessions. It is an opportunity for you to find out if the proposed format suits you and a time for me to see if I can help you with your current request.
Signing up a coaching agreement
If after the diagnostic session, we agree to work, we sign up a contract "Coach-Client", which fixes the stages of cooperation and conditions. At this stage, the 50% advance payment is maid by the Client.
Filling out the questionnaire
Before the beginning of our work, every Client fills out an online questionnaire, which will help me to better understand the request, expectations and fix the point "A"
Getting Started
After receiving a completed questionnaire from a Client, we appoint our first session and start changing your life step by step
Ready to sign up for a free diagnostic session?
Please, leave your contacts below and I will contact you to schedule a meeting.